You want a natural way to enhance endurance and physical performance

You are looking for on-the-go nutrition without BS such as “natural flavors” and artificial sweeteners

You want to improve your digestion and gut health

You want to avoid the chemical aftertaste common in most protein bars

You are craving a bar with an authentic taste and flavor

You want to naturally enhance your immunity

You want to feel more focused and productive

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Paleo Friendly

No Sweeteners

No Soy

No Dairy

No Synthetic Protein

100% Natural

Made in USA

Fruiting Bodies Only

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Millions of people around the world are just waking up to the incredible benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Nutritional benefits, overall health and well-being, increased clean energy, immune strength–THESE ARE ALL POSSIBLE WITH MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS. Often called The Fruit of the Gods in traditional medicine, mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to help heal and thrive. The time for rediscovery is now!

Boost your immunity with Chaga

Lift brain fog and create mental clarity with Lion’s Mane

Improve vitality and stamina with Cordyceps

Experience better sleep and relaxation with Reishi

Support your digestion and gut help with Turkey Tail

Reduce inflammation and boosts overall energy with Shiitake

Help natural detoxification process with Tremella

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It started as a curiosity, became an obsession, and is now our thriving business. Aktivbar is the culmination of years of study, trial and error, and growing of the finest mushrooms anywhere in the world. We craft delicious tasting treats that support human bodies, and help people feel incredible!

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We offer a 30-day, full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just email us at info@aktivbar.com and we’ll process a refund. No questions asked.

The serving size for our protein and energy bars is 1 bar, which has 45 grams.

One of our customers describes it like this: “They taste great, perfect balance of sweet and nuttiness and leave you feeling satisfied. The texture is kind of like those pre workout balls and doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth like most bars.”

Aktivbars should be stored in a cool, dry place. We recommend not putting them in the refrigerator as they tend to become harder.

Ingredient and nutrition facts for Aktivbars can be found on each product page or printed on each of our product packages.

Our energy bars do not contain egg whites and are vegan.

6 months from the date they are made. The Best By date is printed on the packaging.

Our main source of protein is nuts and dried egg whites. The white egg powder is made by dehydrating the egg whites and spraying them into a powder. We source the eggs from a family-owned farm in Indiana that is dedicated to the health and welfare of their hens and the quality of their products.

No. We do not use any natural or artificial flavors in our bars. The flavor is given by the real fruits and nuts we use to make our bars.

We use dates and dried fruits to provide the sweetness in Aktivbars.

No. There is no added sugar in Aktivbars.

We only use chocolate made from all-natural cacao paste. Nothing else.

No. We do not soak our dried fruits in apple juice.

Yes, the functional mushrooms we use in Aktivbars are certified organic.

Many studies have shown that the mushrooms' fruiting bodies provide more benefits because they contain more active beneficial compounds. Although it is more expensive, we have decided to only use the mushrooms' fruiting bodies in Aktivbars.

While we think the health benefits of our functional mushrooms are indeed magical, no, we do not use any psychedelic or magic mushrooms in Aktivbars and they will not make you trip. Functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine and have absolutely no psychedelic effects whatsoever.

We use 1000mg (1 gr) of functional mushroom extract in each Aktivbar.

While it is perfectly safe to consume Aktivbars during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we always recommend consulting with your physician before repeated use.

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