Our Roots

Full disclosure: I am an absolute stickler for taste. In fact, if something doesn’t taste good, I don’t think it’s worth eating (regardless of the health benefits). Even “natural flavors” often taste like pure chemicals to me. It’s this obsession that led me to trying hundreds (literally) of recipes before settling on the final product that became Aktivbar.

It all started a few years ago with a Paul Stamets video. His passion for medicinal mushrooms leapt off the screen and compelled me to experience their benefits for myself. I dove into this new health frontier headfirst, and over the course of the next 2 years I was astounded by the positive benefits these functional mushrooms had on my own mind, body, and spirit.

What I learned is that regardless if you’re a mom, an elite athlete, or a computer geek–mushrooms will have a profound positive effect when correctly used.

Armed with my lifelong passion for great tasting food, and my newfound awe of functional mushrooms–I created Aktivbar. Like I said, we tried hundreds of combinations, but one thing was a constant throughout–all ingredients were natural, chemical-free, and actually tasted amazing.

Aktivbar slams your taste buds with the flavors of REAL mango, coconut, coffee, and chocolate. We use premium ingredients, organic whenever possible, non-GMO egg white protein, which we source from a farm in Indiana.

Even though it costs a ton more to use real fruit than it is to use “natural flavors”, we gladly sacrifice margin for quality.

Aside from the high quality ingredients we use for taste, we load Aktivbars with the following mushrooms:

  • Chaga for inflammation
  • Lion's Mane for memory and brain performance
  • Cordyceps for natural energy and performance
  • Reishi for better mood and stress relief
  • Turkey Tail for gut health and immunity support
  • Shiitake for inflammation and increased immunity
  • Tremella for skin health

Our motto is “eat like you love yourself”. In our world of distraction, chronic stress, working until exhaustion–we know how hard that can be. As a society we’ve accepted a toxic paradigm that tells us that addiction is normal and fatigue is acceptable.

We say to hell with that.

Living this way has taken its toll on humanity, so much so that we have forgotten why we are here. It’s time to wake up, take charge, and tap into the power we have to create a new, healthier life for ourselves.

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